The Top Thing You Should not Miss Out on When Visiting McDonough (GA)


This beautiful city is located in Georgia and it is about 30 minutes to the south of Atlanta. Even though it is a small city with a population of fewer than 9000 people, there are said to be great attractions that you should visit than having your stay in McDonough, GA

McDonough Historic District 

Looking at and learning about history is something that will always cease to amaze us. Hence, the Historic District includes more than 80 hectares which are placed at the center of the city. The infrastructure gives it that appealing look because of the materials used. Moreover, it not only covers that but also has the Henry County Courthouse as well as the historic jail nearby.

 Therefore, you will be able to see all of these just by visiting one place. 

There are other important buildings in the district such as the Standard Oil petrol station. This is an amazing tourist attraction and also an informative center. The Grand Palace Theater which is also known as the Clay Plaza Building is a standby attraction too. 

Heritage Park Veterans Museum 

This is a smaller attraction when compared with the rest. This is where the museum sits on an iron-red barn. It might be an unusual place as well for some but this is where modern military enforcement is displayed and it goes far back as World War 1. Hence, the museum is large enough as it consists of several vehicles that were used in the 1910s including uniforms, equipment, and ration boxes. Hence, visiting this place is also a must because you will get to see real insight into the war and the elements used. 

Shanes Hot Shots Paintball and Airsoft 

If you are looking for a more friendly approach that makes your adventure more, then then this is the place to go. This paintball and airsoft location has advanced equipment and sources in the whole of Southeast United States. Therefore, this is by far one of the best spots to visit with family and friends to create a memorable activity. There are different tasks you can opt for which will make your experience one of a kind. It offers some indoor offers as well. 

Ghost tours 

If you are into ghost hunting then this might be the perfect place for you. You might not want to miss out on this opportunity. Here, you can learn about all the spooky things that are going on in the city by joining a ghost tour guide. Therefore, you will be getting a good round of downtown McDonough for this ghost hunting event. 

The best part about it is that the tour guides create a whole essence. Hence, using only lanterns are allowed when walking around and the tour lasts for 90 minutes. Hence, they will take you to different locations such as the town square, restaurants as well as different shops. The Camp Creek Train Wreck is one of the spookiest places you will visit. 


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